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Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Главный испытательный центр питьевой воды

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ



Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

Chemical analysis of water of any type, examination of water quality, water analysis for radionuclides.

Centre’s working hours from 9 till 18 without break except weekends

Moscow, Business Park "Rumyantsevo", building A, 3rd office entrance, 4th floor.
Rumyantsevo metro station. 2 km of the Kievskoe highway.

+7 (495) 246-24-24
+7 (495) 246-0-935, 246-0-936

Mobile: +7-916-23-03-916

E-mail: analiz@gicpv.ru, voda@gicpv.ru

Анализ воды в ГИЦ ПВ

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Water analysis >>>Drinking water analysis

Drinking water analysis

The Chief Drinking Water Control and Test Centre conducts chemical and radiological analysis of different types of water for individuals and organizations. First of all, this is the drinking water analysis.

CDWTC with the requirements of SanPiN (sanitary regulations and standards) and many other national and international standards for the content of metal ions, anions, synthetic surface active substance, pesticides, phenols and other toxic substances. According to the research results, not only the test report is issued, but also the recommendations on the improvement of the drinking water purification methods are given, the filters for the particular type of water are selected.

CDWTC analyzes water from wells, boreholes and any other sources of drinking water. Before installing a filter at home or at summerhouse – carry out the water analysis and consult with our experts. You should know from which of the substances exactly you need to purify the water, and if it necessary to purify it, or you can do with boiling only. If you want to pour the water in the containers - you cannot do without its chemical analysis.

To determine the quality of water from surface sources, we offer affordable basic water analysis. Water can be checked for any indicators included in the scope of the Centre accreditation.

You can also verify the efficiency of water purification systems - through the analysis of water samples before and after purification systems, you can judge on the quality of the filter operation.

We analyze drinking tap water. Checking tap water quality is different from the analysis of the water from the well or borehole. In addition to conventional parameters it is necessary to measure the concentration of substances coming into the water during the chlorination process or formed in water by the action of chlorine. Tap water may contain such substances as chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, residual active chlorine. Checking the water for content of organic pollutants in it is very important when selecting a filter. Analysis of water will allow you to select the water purification system that is optimum for your conditions.
Based on the results of research of a water sample provided, CDWTC issues the analysis report. The Centre is accredited and this report is accepted by any state regulatory bodies.

Cost of water analysis:
• Basic analysis of drinking water from wells and boreholes, tap water (up to 12 indicators) - RUB 2490,00.
• Analysis of drinking water from wells, springs (up to 20 indicators) - RUB 3390,00.
• Analysis of drinking water from boreholes, tap water, bottled water (up to 30 indicators) - RUB 4990,00.
• Analysis of water - only microbiology - RUB 1500,00.
• Water analysis - microbiology and chemistry - RUB 1200,00.

To consult on cost of the water analysis, please call +7 (495) 246-0-935, 246-0-936.

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